Faster marriage with consent is only possible with a mail order bride

Are you like fast when you have sex? Well that is just a weird line to start the sentence with because I don’t even know why I wrote that in the beginning when there is the title that says something about the mail order brides and other things and there could be no more ways for people to get into the life of the mail order brides because now that they are gone and done with there are no one you can terrorize and stuff and you are done for the day so go to sleep and you shouldn’t stand by a bonfire made of marijuana when the armies are burning it with their masks on and you like a schmuck who have never even heard of the marijuana go their smugly and stand before it and try to talk some smack in front of the camera about how the drug ring getting damaged by the army doing things like burning the marijuana in an open field and which might even render the whole village south of their high. I want to run a similar experiment by burning about a ton of marijuana which would be like about a five story building full of marijuana and then ignite it from the top or the bottom and I have not even figured out how much or how big it would be and don’t if it is better to burn from the top or the bottom because I have got no idea about it and I really want to leave it to an expert and before I do the experiment I want to talk to some fire or arson expert who previously has been an arsonist and I want to take his advice on the matter and the way it had to be done and the way to burn is the best thing and if we miss and get the downside of things then you get a trouble with fire and we sure don’t want that.

Then finally the guy who married a mail order bride who said she will be his maid for a whole year before getting out there and then she runs off after three days in the house should really be cautious and the guy who married her was for sure an asshole and he should get gutted by the stupid army because he has been an stupid and that purely doesn’t make sense.

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