Building the lightest quadcopter.

Quadcopters have become increasingly common among the ordinary people. They have found various ways to construct the cheapest and most efficient quadcopter which will guarantee the most efficiency and effectiveness. This article is only dedicated to the ones who are looking for a cheap, effective and the light quadcopter serving his basic requirements.

The world’s smallest quadcopter is made up of only a micro board with four arms capable of securing four motors holding four identical propellers. The entire mechanism has an area of 144 squared centimeters and weighs only 20 grams. With a flight duration of 4.5 minutes. So now you can go to the site to get more help. This has been designed by a college student for his project. Even though this is a part of a project and was merely designed for achieving a good grade, this device can also be used to serve various purposes indoors. Because many of us live inside a small apartment without any backyard, people have also managed to customize it accordingly.

Because of technology and advancements, some people have managed to customize the flying mechanism by attaching extra propellers and machines of higher rpm. With extra propellers, the device have finally managed to achieve stronger upward thrust, and thus the quadcopter is able to lift small objects like your mobile phone, or perhaps the T.V remote. The propellers also need to rotate faster, for which the motors are, having greater rpm rate means, propellers with greater centrifugal force and stronger thrust against the gravity allowing the entire mechanism to hover above the ground. The Electronic Speed Control on the other hand maintains the alignment of the drone.


It is currently the world’s smallest quadcopter also winning the title. It can be flown inside the household for fun and excitement. It will make your household cheerful again by the laughter of your wonderful kids.

You have to bring the best paintball gun hopper to war

Its paintball war time and I am ready to go into battle that wages almost every year but misses some years in the middle but that is no what I am excited about I am very much in the mood to tell you the story about the way I play the game of the paintball gun in the real world like being a ninja in the night in the middle ages in the city of London being an assassin and what not to beat the system and I love to go against the tide and fight for the freedom of speech and maybe that is why I love to wage war whatever not realistically realistic it might be and I will game on and I invite you all to it and be a part of my very own sausage fest in the woods where the tranches are ready to welcome you in. the tranches are made for the comfort and camouflage and you will have no idea where the tranches are because I customized the trench myself. The c-c-m-r is the best way to buy. I was the sole designer and architect who worked on that and I am also the engineer and the mechanical help on the project and I love to say that there have been no change in the way I think about the royal family of Britain and you can see that it is not the Royal family anymore and if you say royal family then you might have to all the time specify which royal family are you talking about and that’s a hassle.

The killing with paintball gun will not be easy but how hard can that be and lets just make up a hypothesis about killing with a paintball gun and how we will approach about it in the future when we will have to kill someone and we have nothing but paintball gun in our hand so what are you thinking let me know but I think the most smartest way to kill with the paintball gun is making someone open his mouth and shoot down the throat and he will die with the paints in his stomach and that is a pretty gross death and a bit gay too now that I think of all the color in the paints and I think there is no better way to kill with a paintball gun but who am I kidding because if I could make that man open up his mouth then I might not have any reason to kill him unless he is culturing some virus in his body and if not killed the viruses will mature and kill half the population of the earth and blind the other half or things like that so I cannot see any way they are making me kill any man who is not a threat to the humanity and killing with the paintball gun is the most ineffective way for killing and everyone knows that and we should work accordingly and try to minimize the casualty to the minimum. The way the paintball wars are going on around the country there is no way you are not being covered with paint in the near future while you will not even be in the war yourself and you are going to have to make a run for your house and I don’t think you will be safer there.